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Una serie di accessori indipensabili per il vostro piccolo laboratorio da cosmetologo.
Vasi, flaconi, cucchiai, misurini, contagocce, caraffe... non fatevi mancare nulla!

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Universal pH meter stripes

Misuratore di pH universale in striscia
From 123987.50 (USD)

Mask for 3M powders with valve

Protective mask to protect respiratory tract, ideal for laboratory
From 71662.50 (USD)

Screw cap dropper

Dropper with screw cap
From 19337.50 (USD)

Becher Duran

Graduated lab Becher borosilicate glass
From 65406.25 (USD)

Measuring cup 50 ml

Measuring plastic cup capacity 50 ml.
From 19337.50 (USD)

pH-Fix Macherey Nagel meter stripes

Professional pH measuring stripes.
Available in two measurement ranges.
From 196218.75 (USD)

Duran graduated cylinder

Laboratory graduated cylinder, in borosilicate glass
From 101237.50 (USD)

Crystal spoon 2-5 ml.

Transparent graduated spoon 2 to 5 ml.
From 17062.50 (USD)

Spoon ml. 0.4

Spoon ideal for powders and pigments
From 17062.50 (USD)

Amber PET Bottle

Amber PET Bottle with screw cap from up 50 ml.
From 21612.50 (USD)

Disposable nitrile gloves

Ideal for DIY gloves, useful to handle chemicals and oils.
From 146737.50 (USD)

Helicoidal funnel

Plastic funnel to fill perfume bottles
From 10806.25 (USD)

Measuring cup with handle

Measuring cup with handle, available in 3 sizes
From 17062.50 (USD)


Plastic spatula
From 17062.50 (USD)

Universal pH meter roll

A pH meter roll
From 78487.50 (USD)

Accessories Set

A set of measuring cups and graduated spoons. A must-have for your "lab"!
From 27300.00 (USD)

Glass jar with screw cap

Glass jar with plastic cap screw ml. 100/120
From 19337.50 (USD)

Pencil dropper

Glass or plastic pencil dropper
From 19906.25 (USD)
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