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Una vasta selezione di perle, miche, lacche colorate, filler e ingredienti tecnici e particolari adatti alla produzione di cosmesi decorativa o utilizzabili per conferire caratteristiche particolari, ad esempio effetto soft-focus, uniformante, opacizzante, illuminante o color correction, alle emulsioni per la cura della pelle.

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Gift card "Easy Gift"

A useful and pleasing gift: a prepaid gift card available in four slots
From £33.93 (GBP)

GC - Mat TiAl

Filler with matting, smoothing and facial appearance corrective properties.
From £4.75 (GBP)

Ronaflair® LF 2000

Filler based on bismuth oxychloride
From £3.31 (GBP)

Ronastar® "Red Allure"

Innovative velvet touch opaque burgundy red pigment
From £3.27 (GBP)

Timiron "Arctic Silver"

Silver white pearl with a blue luminescence
From £3.05 (GBP)

Precipitated Calcium Carbonate

Powder for toothpaste and makeup powder
From £1.87 (GBP)

Colorona® "Aborigine Amber"

Brown mica with gold glares
From £3.10 (GBP)

Colorona® "Blackstar Blue"

Black mica with blue glares
From £3.10 (GBP)

Colorona® "Blackstar Gold"

Black mica with gold interference
From £3.18 (GBP)

Colorona® "Blackstar Green"

Black mica with green glares
From £3.82 (GBP)

Colorona® "Blackstar Red"

Black mica with red interference
From £3.18 (GBP)

Colorona® "Bronze"

Light bronze color mica
From £2.93 (GBP)

Colorona® "Chameleon"

Dark red mica with green glares
From £3.18 (GBP)

Colorona® "Copper"

Copper coloured mica
From £2.93 (GBP)

Colorona® "Dark Blue"

Intense blue mica
From £3.05 (GBP)

Colorona® "Egyptian Emerald"

Dark green mica
From £3.10 (GBP)

Colorona® "Glitter Bordeaux"

Mica Burgundy bright red
From £3.10 (GBP)

Colorona® "Glitter Bronze"

Gold bright brown mica
From £3.10 (GBP)

Colorona® "Glitter Copper"

Bright copper red mica
From £3.10 (GBP)

Colorona® "Imperial Citrine"

Intense yellow mica
From £3.05 (GBP)

Colorona® "Imperial Topaz"

Tawny brown Mica
From £2.93 (GBP)

Colorona® "Karat Gold"

Shimmering gold mica
From £2.50 (GBP)

Colorona® "Light Blue"

Light blue mica
From £3.27 (GBP)

Colorona® "Magenta"

Pink violet mica
From £3.35 (GBP)

Colorona® "Majestic Green"

Bright green mica
From £3.10 (GBP)

Colorona® "Mica Black"

Satin black mica
From £2.50 (GBP)

Colorona® "Oriental Beige"

Pinkish beige mica
From £2.93 (GBP)

Colorona® "Passion Orange"

Golden orange mica
From £2.93 (GBP)

Colorona® "Patagonian Purple"

Deep purple mica
From £3.22 (GBP)

Colorona® "Patina Gold"

Dark gold bright mica
From £2.93 (GBP)

Colorona® "Patina Silver"

Dark silver mica
From £0.00 (GBP)

Colorona® "RB"

Deep pink / fuchsia mica with blue glares
From £3.35 (GBP)

Colorona® "Russet"

Red shiny brown mica
From £2.93 (GBP)

Colorona® "RY"

Fuchsia mica with golden glares
From £3.01 (GBP)

Colorona® "Sienna"

Light red mica
From £2.93 (GBP)

Colorona® "Synberry Pink"

Intense deep pink mica
From £3.69 (GBP)
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