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Gift card "Easy Gift"

A useful and pleasing gift: a prepaid gift card available in four slots
From £33.93 (GBP)

Aqueous distillate "Eufrasia"

Idrolato dalle proprietà decongestionanti, lenitive, antinfiammatorie
From £1.87 (GBP)

Aqueous Distillate "Tangerine"

Distillate with aromatic, astringent and toning properties
From £1.87 (GBP)

Aqueous Distillate "Peppermint"

Idrolato dalle proprietà rinfrescanti, purificanti e decongestionanti
From £1.87 (GBP)

Aqueous Distillate "Rosemary"

Idrolato dalle proprietà dermopurificanti e rivitalizzanti e stimolanti sul cuoio capelluto
From £1.87 (GBP)

GC - Cosmoblue

Hydrosoluble blue colourant useful for soaps and waterborne cosmetics
From £3.31 (GBP)

GC - Cosmored

Hydrosoluble red colourant useful to color soaps and waterborne cosmetics
From £5.85 (GBP)

GC - Cosmoyellow

Hydrosoluble yellow colourant, useful to color soaps and waterborne cosmetics
From £4.16 (GBP)

GC - Mat TiAl

Filler with matting, smoothing and facial appearance corrective properties.
From £4.75 (GBP)

Matrixyl™ 3000

Innovative peptide for anti-wrinkle treatment
From £5.00 (GBP)

Virgin organic Cumin Oil

Virgin organic oil with anti-inflammatory and calming properties
From £3.99 (GBP)

Ronaflair® LF 2000

Filler based on bismuth oxychloride
From £3.31 (GBP)

Ronastar® "Red Allure"

Innovative velvet touch opaque burgundy red pigment
From £3.27 (GBP)

Sodium lactate 60%

Moisturizing agent in aqueous solution
From £1.87 (GBP)

Timiron "Arctic Silver"

Silver white pearl with a blue luminescence
From £3.05 (GBP)

Aperoxid® TLA

Antioxidant derived from natural substances
From £3.31 (GBP)

Behenyl Alcohol

Plant origin factor of consistency from raw materials
From £1.61 (GBP)

Carrageenan 209

Rheology modifier extracted from red algae
From £5.85 (GBP)


Non-ionic ethoxylate emulsifier O / W
From £1.95 (GBP)

GC - Beta HS

Soft amphoteric surfactant
From £2.04 (GBP)

Hectorite Gel

Dispersion of Disteardimonium Hectorite in Octyldodecanol
From £3.73 (GBP)

Papain liposomes

Liposomes in the form of spheres containing principle actives ideal for skin and hair
From £3.65 (GBP)

Annatto oil

Natural colourant oil with soothing property, ideal for skin protection
From £2.71 (GBP)

Pecan nut oil

Vegetable oil ideal for massage
From £1.60 (GBP)

Pemulen® TR1

Emulsifier and gelling: polymer with emulsifying property
From £3.90 (GBP)

Polyglyceryl-10 Laurate

Natural origin solubilizing, PEG and PPG free
From £3.56 (GBP)

SPF - Easy

Balanced mixture of chemical sunscreens for suncream emulsions with a wide range of SPF
From £5.68 (GBP)

Sunflower Spheres

Soft spheres containing sunflower oil and vitamin E acetate
From £2.14 (GBP)

Vitamin A Spheres

Soft spheres containing Vitamin A palmitate
From £7.13 (GBP)

Hyacare 50

Hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid with low molecular weight, anti-aging
From £5.85 (GBP)

Abil Care 85

O / W emulsifier, useful to formulate sprayable emulsions, creams and lotions, usable in the cold phase
From £4.58 (GBP)

Alpha lipoic acid

Efficient antioxidant, ideal in combination with vitamins A and E
From £4.58 (GBP)

Anhydrous citric acid

Anhydrous citric acid
From £2.97 (GBP)

Anhydrous glycolic acid 99%

Anhydrous glycolic acid
From £4.16 (GBP)

Glycolic acid sol. 70%

Alpha-hydroxy acid to smoothing/ exfoliating action in aqueous solution
From £1.60 (GBP)

Lactic Acid

Acid suitable for use as a regulator of Ph
From £2.04 (GBP)
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