Ambience Parfum

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From 40,00 €

Ambience Parfum Classic "Africa"

The notes of many African spices create an amber, fascinating and mysterious fragrance, a strong and firm scent, in which stands out the harmonious contrast between sweet and spicy
From 24,99 €

Ambience Parfum Classic "Vanilla berries"

A deep and sweet fragrance with an aroma of vanilla, malt, coumarin and anise, which recalls the earth's energy, warm and full of joy.
From 29,40 €

Ambience Parfum Classic "Orange flowers"

A fresh and dry, delicate and intense fragrance with citrus and floral notes, that seems like a open a window on a gulf of Sicily, with citrus groves solping down sweetly to the sea that shines in the distance
From 29,40 €

Ambience Parfum Classic "Mediterranean flowers"

A Mediterranean perfume with musky, orange flowers and green lemon notes; unexpected, intense and fleeting, it evokes a childhood summer
From 29,40 €

Ambience Parfum Classic "Soft fruits"

A fragrance that harmonizes fruity notes different between each other: the sweet ones of the blackberry and the strawberries, the solft and bitter of cranberry, the rough one of the currant
From 29,40 €

Ambience Parfum Classic "Oman Incense"

Amber notes of incense blend with those of woody cedar, sandalwood, patchouli and fresh vanilla vetiver
From 29,40 €

Ambience Parfum Classic "Iris"

A sweet and light, intense and mysterious fragrance. The precious notes of the iris are emphasized by vanilla and talcum nuances, which exalt its romantic and sensual character
From 29,40 €

Ambience Parfum Classic "Green apple"

An aromatic and fruity note, characteristic of apple, with sweet and pungent nuances, softens the environment with a crispy, juicy fragrance, with a vaguely sugar smell
From 29,40 €

Ambience Parfum Classic "Mint"

A refreshing fragrance that is born from the balsamic note of peppermint, from a touch of eucalyptus, cumin and melissa, from the nuance of liquorice conferred by the star anise
From 29,40 €

Ambience Parfum Classic "Green Tea"

A floral note that blends with a citrus aroma in a fresh and sparkling fragrance. It spreads into the environment making it simple and welcoming for the spirit
From 29,40 €