Preservatives, antioxidants and chelaters

The preservation microbial pollution is a very important aspect of the formulation as a cosmetic, with few exceptions, is an excellent substrate for the development of microorganisms consisting mainly of bacteria and fungi.

Bacteria are prokaryotic organisms consisting of a cell membrane and an outer wall, according to the permeability and structure of the latter differ in Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria.
Fungi are eukaryotic organisms that include yeasts - unicellular - and mold - multicellular.

The presence of excessive microbial load can cause both technical problems with the product - for example, sulfur odor, gas production, loss of viscosity, color change, or skin disorders such as irritation or infection, even serious.

From the above, it includes the importance of adopting good hygiene during production of the cosmetic, but, above all, to protect the latter from the free growth of microorganisms, by introducing substances such antimicrobial preservatives.

The function of preservatives is not to break down excessive microbial load resulting from poor hygiene in production, but do protect the safety of the consumer during the use of cosmetics.

The ideal preservative should possess characteristics such as broad spectrum with a lower dose can not be irritating or sensitizing to the normal dose, do not be incompatible with the materials prme, be stable and active over a wide pH range, withstand temperature, does not alter the color of the cosmetic, maintain its effectiveness over time.

As there is no ideal preservative, is used in mixtures of several substances which exploit also possible synergistic phenomena.

Glamour Cosmetics offers a range of preservatives characterized by being composed of mixtures. These are products produced in Europe, of absolute safety in handling for the "spignatattore", non-critical in the use, and especially in minimally invasive in the production of your cosmetics. Were deliberately excluded preservatives that are formaldehyde-ries.

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Glda 47

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Salvacosm 340

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Sodium gluconate

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Sodium phytate

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